task ledger domain readiness app suite

"tl;dr[n]" three distinct free apps with n as below, common infrastructure and premium in-app services:

  1. task-pm

    provides a new iOS and Android app service for the task ecosys (task, timewarrior) with interface to MS Project.

  2. star-ledger

    provides same device coverage for the *ledger ecosys (hledger, c++ ledger, etc.) with interface to SQL Ledger (my current ERP core of choice) and Quickbooks.

  3. domain readiness

    a free service to participants in my .dom TLD that provides notifications and management of DNS and EPP for domain operators.

the dr component is useful for any domain using the standard internet systems programs and task and ledger apps similarly allow users to use their own backend services instead of the priced ones I'm providing.

Premium services are available at two levels, each bundled for the whole suite. These apps are included in the sameboat personal domain service offering.