task-ledger, domain readiness suite

tl;dr (the reference marque, may be altered for specific external venues) is a suite of apps, useful in their own right, but primarily implemented as drivers and exemplars of the ai-integration/DS concept implementation.
Phase I

Phase 1 implements the AKJACKSN SKU based on mashing up two otherwise unrelated unix text/command line tools, ledger and task. Both of these are actually small ecosystems in their own right, with, in the case of *ledger multiple implementations of the base program.

In the context of the overall Web Services and Apps section of the rate chart , this and the Green Travel app act as a production demonstration of the elements underlying same, distributed as apps for Android phone and tablet, and Apple iPad, iPhone and Watch thru Play and App Store. It is provided at free (except for Watch), silver, and gold levels and implemrnted within a DS context as a SPLEG case app and sources are made freely available on github.

Phase II

Once the basis above established, the next phase is to add the domain readiness subproduct which uses the platform for DNS/EPP ops and knowledge engineering elements also for the task and ledger subproducts.