Biz Case 65

Affinity based SNS as modular domain

Biz case 65 is generic matching infrastucture based on general infrastructure intentions.

My first working experience with dating matching software was the lesbian dating site which I was the sole developer and maintainer of after its initial development by a team and retargetting from Black singles to Lesbian for about 3 y until it was sold. It may still be the premier one in that niche.

The domains has wider applicability that dating/personals, but that set of use cases will be worked as a line of biz and ultimately there will be a SKU for the infrastructure. A second and co-equal application used to give basis to the generalization is job/resource matching but this will not be developed initially. These life situations will be the basis of the first sameboats:

  • HIV, HCV, and HSV personals. At least a few dozen sites pre-exist and their SLs are a floor of function.
  • HI IQ personals
  • freenode chat rooms
. The second use case will be the debt fulfillment of the public market/ domain.